The Pastor’s Desk-March Newsletter

Normally our March newsletter will address something about spring. But before talking about spring for this March 2024 article, I’d like to address a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

March is Pastor’s Wife Appreciation Month. Many churches honor their pastor and his wife in October but I feel it will help her to encourage her this month.

Pastor’s wives are all different and are at different stages in their lives and have different personalities and spiritual gifts. Your pastor’s wife, also known to most of you as Mrs. Preacher, is certainly no different. Though she stays mostly in the background, the one thing you can count on is that she walks through all the ups and downs of ministry with me. But let me tell you, being a pastor’s wife oftentimes is a lonely place to be and a difficult role to be in, even in the healthiest of churches.

I could not do what I do without her being there and supporting me. She has always, during 38 years of ministry and 35 years of pastoring, been the rock of our family. Many times, during our children’s early lives, she would have to be both mom and dad during times when I was absent due to ministry obligations. Further, though she tries her best not to show it, she is basically a very shy person. But, in her quiet and unassuming way, she will always be there for her pastor husband and family. And I believe that is what God has called her to do as a pastor’s wife.

So, I encourage you to take the opportunity this month to show her how much she is valued. Your friendship may be the best gift of all.

On to Spring! We are coming into one of our busiest seasons of the church year. With Easter taking place this month, there are many church activities that we are called up on to be a part of. It all culminates this year on March 31st with Easter Sunday. Let’s all try our best to be supportive of all these activities this month and season. Our presence and assistance is needed and appreciated during this busy time of year. Jackie and our team work very hard to plan for the church’s events and activities. Let’s all do our best to be an encouragement to them by participating and helping.

In closing, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your hard work to make everything work in this church. To be a small congregation, we certainly have a busy schedule, don’t we? All the ministry that this church does could not be done without all of you who serve in those various ministries. THANK YOU!