The Pastor’s Desk-October Newsletter

Last month for September, we talked about prayer. Let’s continue that thought this month, shall we? In particular, let’s think about how, why, and when we pray for one another. Now you’re probably asking, “Pastor Tim, why are you talking about this again?” The answer to that question lies in some personal things I as an individual and your pastor, and we as a family have been experiencing in this month of September of 2023.

Frankly, it’s been a tough month. I don’t know, but I think it may be age creeping up on me quicker than I expected. It’s been a tough month physically. Going through a second bout of the C-word has taken a toll, I believe. Even though the symptoms didn’t seem as bad as the first go-round last December, it is taking much longer this time to get back to normal. As of this writing, Wednesday, September 27th, I’m still experiencing a great deal of fatigue and lingering minor symptoms. Obviously, it’s not debilitating, but it certainly is a drag on one’s normal daily activities.

What does all this have to do with prayer, Pastor? I guess when I shared last month’s article concerning prayer, I really didn’t know at the time how much I would need to be reminded, during the upcoming month, about how very important prayer is in our lives. I’ve realized, this month, that there are times when we even find it a struggle to pray for ourselves. It is during those times that we realize how wonderful it is to know that we have other folks in our lives who are “taking up the slack,” and praying for us.

I cannot tell you how many times this month, for various reasons, someone has reminded me that they are praying for me. It is a true joy to know that our friends and loved ones care enough for us, that they regularly are praying for our needs. But it’s also a joy to ACTUALLY BE TOLD by those same prayer warriors. It is such a blessing to have that assurance that we’re not alone in this daily walk of life.

That answers the why and when questions, doesn’t it? But how about the “how” of prayer? That one is a little harder to define. Frankly, there may not be one single ideal answer as to how. And maybe it’s not that important anyway. For the recipient (in this case ME), just knowing that I’m being bathed in prayer is the important thing. How do we pray? I suppose the best answer to that is, however, you feel comfortable. If you feel the need to get on your knees and pour your heart out to God, then by all means, DO IT! If your favorite chair is your ideal location, there is nothing stopping you. So, the mode by which you spend time in prayer is up to you. The important thing is “just do it.” And please, when you’re praying for someone in particular, tell them. You would be surprised to know how encouraging it is for the recipients of those prayers.

Quickly, in closing, it’s been a busy month around here, hasn’t it? Culminating in the kids (and lots of adults) participating in the Homestead Apple Festival. This is the second year we have sponsored the Pinto Beans and Cornbread Booth at the festival. While it is a lot of work for everyone involved, it is a wonderful opportunity to share what a wonderful church we are blessed to be a part of. Thanks to all the volunteers, from those who cooked beans and baked cornbread, to those who actually served, setup and tore down! A big thank you to Margie Bristow and Kelly Winn who were there both days from start to finish. If you see them, give them a word of thanks.