The Pastor’s Desk-August Newsletter

Wow! Where does the time go? If your summer is going as fast as mine, we are probably asking the same question, where has the time gone? Time seems to be flying by this year, doesn’t it? Way back in January, when we welcomed in the New Year, it seemed like I blinked and it was time for Lent, which didn’t start until March this year, which is later than normal. In the middle of that, the first six weeks of the year were spent ministering to Mrs. Preacher’s mother’s final needs. She went to glory then on Valentines Day February 14th.

Then, it was Holy Week. After Easter, we celebrated confirmations and graduations in May. Last Saturday, we participated in Vacation Bible School jointly with Dorton. Also, in July, we took a few days of vacation visiting family members and members of our first Congregation in Kentucky. Other activities, such as M&M trips, have taken place. And boom, just like that we are at the end of July. Time seems to be going faster and faster. I remember when I was a kid at the beginning of school summer vacation thinking, “Three months (it really was like three months back then), that is an eternity. I am going to have lots of fun.” The time seemed to go faster than I thought it was going to.

Now we’re seeing the “Going back to School” sales. I’ve thought to myself, “Come on, it’s still summer.” Even though time seems to be flying by, a lot of living still takes place.

This year, I have presided over funerals and said goodbye to dear ones, whom I miss dearly. Lots of life happening. Even during a regular week, our regular routines start on Monday and the day is filled with all kinds of “things” I must do, whether that be working or doing my “to do” list. The days go by and we begin the weekend, which we fill with other activities. We try to spend some time playing together as a family or with friends, creating memories. Then we gather on Sunday morning to worship our Lord, have fellowship, catching up with each other, lifting each other up with God’s peace. We blink and another week is gone, and we begin another. Some days are hectic. Some days are a blessing. Some days bring stress and brokenness.

As I think about how time seems to fly or time can become real slow, and all the living that happens, I was reminded of a text in Revelation 21, verse 5 and 6. The scene is Jesus sitting on his throne. He has already returned as the Conquering Lamb of God, having Michael, the Archangel capture Satan and thrown him into the Lake of Fire. Jesus has judged all. Jesus rules overall. Then Jesus gives it all to his Father, so all in the universe is one with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus says, “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, and the ending.” As I think about these words of Jesus, I am reminded of the power of this promise. Jesus is Lord. Jesus was with the Father creating all things at the very beginning, the Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Jesus reign until he brings in the fullness of his kingdom, destroying death, sin and evil, making all things new as Jesus brings us into the perfect love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.