Get Busy With the Lord

Do you remember studying fractions in school? I remember teaching fractions in third and fourth grade. Back then, basic fractions were introduced in third grade. By the time the students were in fourth grade, they were hitting fractions hard. However, by the time I retired from teaching first grade, we were already introducing the basic fractions to first graders. Wow!

I can imagine about this time, you’re thinking to yourself, ‘What do fractions have to do with Homestead United Methodist Church, pray tell Preacher Tim?”  Let’s think about the fraction 1/12. Yes, you read that correctly- 1/12th. Do you realize we are 1/12th through the year 2022? Yes, it is true. Twelve months in the year and one is already gone. What did we do for God and his kingdom in the month if January?

“Sure snowed a lot in January!”   “Bad weather all month, Pastor.”  “Just afraid to get out in the weather there, Preacher!”

Uh oh! “He’s fussing at us again.”  Frankly, maybe I’m fussing at myself as your pastor. A little self-examination from time to time is good for one, isn’t it? Even for us pastors! Maybe it’s good for us all, pastor and parishioner alike, to stop and examine our walk with the Lord.  During the slower days of winter, some of which we may not be able to get out of the house, maybe it’s advantageous to do a little self-examination. Even though I may have been stuck in the house, did I call our shut-ins to check on them? Did I send a card or letter to our young friend in Africa? What about this time of year being a wonderful time for Bible study and prayer?

You see, there are lots of worthwhile things we can do during the dark days of winter. Perhaps during that prayer and self-examination time, we can ask God what He would like for us to be doing. I’m reminded that In John 16:24, Jesus stated, “Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete”. Have we asked God what He would have us do? Jesus said if we would do that, we would get our answer. Certainly, we want joy in our lives, don’t we? Well, Jesus gave us one of the ways we can have more joy.

But what about that 1/12th fraction we talked about earlier? Do you know remember the opposite? I’ll bet you do. The opposite of 1/12th is 11/12th. Putting them together makes ONE WHOLE. One whole year- 2022. In other words, even if we did not do one single solitary thing to enhance God’s kingdom in the month of January, we still have eleven more months to get busy for the Lord!

I wish you God’s blessings in February and on through 2022 as you seek the will of God in your life in spreading the Good News of God and His kingdom!