Homestead United Methodist Church

Homestead Food Pantry

Partnering with other communities of faith, The Homestead Food Pantry provides much needed nutrition to those that have found themselves to be food insecure.

The pantry is open the second Sat. of every month


The Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawls We have a dedicated group of chocheters that meet weekly on Wednesdays at 1:00 at the Grinder House to crochet and pray together.  No experience is necessary to join this group and everyone is welcome.  Prayer shawls are given to anyone in need of love and prayers.

The Visitation Ministry

Whether it is our Nursing Home visitation ministry or visiting individual homes, our visitaiton teams take love and cheer to eveyone they see. 

Warmth In Winter

Young People's Ministry

HUMC Youth meet Wednesday, Sunday and often in between to learn about Christ, life and love for one another.

Liturgical Dance

Our Liturgical dance program runs through the school year and is open to children of all ages. This program provides interpretive dance & drama to strengthen our worship experience.



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