Finding Peace

Of humanity's great endeavors, achieving peace is its greatest.

Power and money seem to keep us from finding peace internationally. It seems that power or status and money keep us from finding peace with each other. But even the ones who worship these things know that humanly influence and paper money are fleeting, at best. Maybe our lack of peace over-all, comes from not having peace within ourselves.

Having a moment's peace in one's day to day life is challenging enough, much less achieving a personal peace within ourselves. Indeed, some of history's most prominent figures have been the most troubled. Some of the most achieved artists and leaders have had so many personal demons that they were probably difficult to talk to one on one. In some cases, their failure to find a peace with themselves would lead to some of the saddest points in human history. Murder, suicide, corruption on a national scale, rape, genocide… history is littered with monumental tragedies born from some lack of a simple, personal, satisfying peace.

Our literature is no better. Guinevere loved Arthur, but would not be satisfied until she had Lancelot and in the process brought about an early end to the great 'kingdom of silver and gold.' In a galaxy far, far away, Anakin Skywalker's failure to find an inner peace with himself led to the conquering of an entire galaxy with an iron fist. In both stories, just as in reality, many innocent people suffered and died.

In our world, the cat just peed on the rug again, the kid got in trouble at school and some yahoo dinged our car door at the grocery store. Mom's health test STILL isn't back, the Dr. says it might be serious. The bills are due and our best friend lost his job. Our leadership is full of crooks, our sons and daughters are dying in the desert and crazy, dejected men are shooting up our schools and churches with automatic weapons.

How are we supposed to deal with all that?!

The short answer: We're not.

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There are, however, a couple of points to consider when asking that question. Firstly, let's reduce our existence to what it is. A big portion of our inner peace is about satisfaction and peace of mind. That brings up the question of what satisfies us. Then, depending upon how honest we're going to be with ourselves about our own existence that question may or may not be easy to answer. Also, we weren't designed to be strong enough to face this world alone. That brings up the question of who or what is supposed to be there with us and for us.
Work StressIf we don't know what satisfies us or if we find our satisfaction in what other people think, it can be easy to get ourselves lost in this world and never really find any meaningful happiness at all. The one sure thing about this world is that it will never let you think that you have enough or that you should be happy with what you have. We must find satisfaction within ourselves, that is where you will find personal peace and that is where you can acquire a quality of character worthy of sharing with your friends and family. If we are only a measure of what stylish thing we are capable of acquiring, our friends may as well watch TV as to spend time with us. If we are only a gathering point for what is popular, our spouses may as well marry their tablet computer… as us.
Now, who or what is our rock of strength, if we aren't strong enough on our own? In the Star Wars movies, Yoda said it almost perfectly when he was training Luke to be a Jedi Knight. Yoda said: "Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the force." If he had said "A Christian's strength flows from the spirit." he would've had it. In fact, if one were to replace Jedi with Christian and the Force with the Spirit, Yoda's teachings would suddenly become quite useful. …Hate, fear, depression – the dark side are these. All that aside, Jesus promised his closest followers that the Spirit of God would come to them, to help them and console them, and it did come. The Spirit is still here for us now and will help us as much as we will let Him.
How do we find this personal peace and satisfaction from within ourselves? It's easy. We must only look for it with our 'honest eyes.' Being honest with ourselves may be the tricky part there, but may also be the difference between being happy and not. The trick is that what you're looking for is probably not that complicated or sensational. The personal ideals of the great ones are usually the simplest. Sam Walton's and Ray Kroc's personal goals, for example, were both very simple and included serving others in an extraordinary way …that's it …'serving others' brought us two of the greatest success stories in American history. So for happiness, keep it simple and honest. Home Stress

How do we find this Spirit of God that was promised to help us? It's easy. We must only ask for it with an honest heart. The Spirit WANTS to help us. We don't have to convince it, or beg it. We must only allow Him and He will be with us forever.

So happiness and satisfaction may not be so impossible after all, but this world will never give it to you. It must come from within and from the relationships we choose to foster.

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