The Christian Journey
The beginning


My walk with the Lord begins here. But what does it
mean and how will it affect me?

Baptism isn't only symbolic. It will change you
forever and there are some implications made
during the ceremony that are good to understand.
Read this short commentary to
understand it better.


Breaking NerveFinding Peace

Often, the hardest thing about this life isn't some fantastic feat that we must perform some day. It's surviving day to day.


Thank God that Heaven has sent us some
councel on this and told us, not only how to survive
but how to find peace.



Things Jesus DIDN'T Say

Jesus' instruction to his followers is perfect,
just as he was here on Earth. This simple commentary
is to help us keep our perspective
straight on that.


Johnny the Baptist Appleseed

Sometimes, it's not a matter of CHOOSING
to go somewhere and plant seeds of goodness;
Sometimes it's a necessity because of a situation
that someone else has put us in. This world
WILL be hard on you. Here's how to
deal with it.


Life is no easy game to play. Sometimes it's hard to keep going. It's often difficult to know what is the right thing to do. And it can be MOST difficult to do it with a good attitude. Thank God that he has given us our faith to help us. This section is about how to do that.

The material here will not oppress you. It is not hard to read or technically demanding.
It is here to lift you up and help you along your way.