Homestead United Methodist Church


From the book "A People Dared, God Cared" by Edna L. Gossage Blue, 1984

     Rev. J.N. Wilson, of First Church (Crossville) visited in the home of Mr. Frank Foote, Homesteads Project Manager.  Rev. Wilson wanted a Methodist church in the Homesteads.  (page 9)

     In the fall of 1945, Rev. Wilson and Mr. Foote met at the triangle (Deep Draw and Hwy 68, the current location of Homestead UMC) and stepped off the boundaries.  (page 11)

     Meetings were held in various homes for the purpose of planning and working toward organizing a Sunday School and a church.  (page 12)

     The Homestead United Methodist Church was organized in the school auditorium, January 20, 1946, with 63 charter members.  (page 13)

     Rev. Wilson served as pastor for 6 months.  (page 14)

     On December 6, 1946, $1500 was bid and accepted to buy the chapel at Camp Forrest in Tullahoma, TN.  (page 16).  It was dismantled and moved here.

     The church was occupied before Christmas 1947, although it was far from being completed.  (page 21)

     Rev. Wallace Newman and family moved into the newly completed parsonage in January, 1950, after having lived in 5 different Homestead houses.  (page 19)

     Rev. Newman served as pastor of Homestead UMC from 1947 - 1950.  (page 18)

Submitted by Ella Loveday


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